Women are also resisting!

Women are in rebellion!

And you can’t stop it with gas, tanks, batons!

Women are resisting along with all oppressed groups for the last two days!

Workers, Kurds, LGBT’s, Alaweits, Muslims, non-Muslims, atheists and all the oppressed, exploited, insulted, constantly blamed to be the traitors are rebelling in Turkey. The resistance that started in Gezi Park in Taksim İstanbul spread to many other cities.

Us, women, are at the front of the resistance!

We join the rebellion because PM Tayyip Erdogan and his circle;

  • have watched the lynching of women by men,
  • tolerated killing of women by men with the “unjust provocation” law,
  • did not open shelters for women to escape from the violence of men,
  • stigmatized harassed and raped women as being immoral and unchaste,
  • pressured raped women to give birth,
  • qualified our abortion right as murder,
  • did not open kinder gardens, but imposed women to give birth to minimum of three children,
  • condemned us to poverty, to work in precarious, insecure jobs, to live in slavery conditions,
  • treated domestic work as the sole duty of women,
  • hindered women having a life independent of men and family -with all their policies.

But us, women, do resist!

Because PM Tayyip Erdogan and his circle condemned us to male oppression and exploitation.

We call all women to go out to streets, and resist for our liberation!

Socialist Feminist Collective
1 June 2013

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