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We Are in the Streets for a Life Without Harassment

tayyipsiz_ve_tacizsizThe protests, which began against the pillaging of Gezi Park in Istanbul, are continuing with the anger of the people in 76 cities against the JDP government and its representative Tayyip Erdoğan turning into a resistance. This big resistance has echoed with the rebellion of women since the beginning.

We took to the streets against the patriarchal system trying to confine women to families, to houses and leave public space to men. We struggle to be present freely and equally in city centers, avenues, streets and parks…. We struggled against the armored crowd control vehicles and the tear gas of the police, fought in the barricades, organized the resistance in neighborhoods and city squares; we have been on the streets. Now we declare that we won’t leave these spaces we won through resistance.

Devamını Oku…