Resist persisting, not swearing

Women are against the sexist slogans within the resistance:

Think twice about the tone of your resistance!

– While you say “son of a bitch” to Tayyip; think about the sex workers -and also all the woman, which are attacked with the very same word “bitch”- who are resisting shoulder to shoulder with you. How would you feel in their/our case?

– While you call the police, the government and Tayyip “faggots”, how you push LGBT resisters out of the squares.

– While you chant you are somebody’s “soldiers”, how you curdle the blood of an entire generation still living with the memories of a torturous military coup, of peace activists and conscientious objectors to mandatory military service.

As feminists, we are shouting at the top of our voices ; we raise our voice against sexism, police violence and government.

Resist persisting, not swearing!

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